In this Guest Blog, Mike Sullivan, Independent Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta show us how he quitted his 9-to-5 to follow his dream as an independent consultant to sell social media services!  “I am living the dream!”, he says.

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to make a twist in my life.  I was withering in a dead-end job and realized that it was the right time to change what I was doing.  I sat down at home one night to contemplate what I would do and I was overwhelmed when I thought about quitting my job, being left without income and putting my family’s livelihood at risk!

Mike Sullivan Testimonial Followiz Reseller Program

Mike Sullivan: Being Successful Thanks To The Followiz Reseller Program

I also thought about how my skills as a trained computer systems technician would help me overcome what I saw as limitations.  I had my computer at home, great professional connections and all the support I could get from my family. I felt that all those factors put together, along with my desire to succeed, gave me the edge that I needed to make it as an independent consultant in new technologies.

I overcomed the situation with the Followiz SMM panel

I won’t deny it.  It was very difficult at first.  I had to make sure that the little I saved before quitting my job got me through the first few months of this new adventure.  We had to make cuts in every expense that we had. I had to graduate in home economics to be able to keep up with monthly expenses!  But, in the end, I was able to make ends meet without going crazy!

I realized that social media was very powerful.  I was able to reach more and more customers through my accounts and my consulting business was starting to grow.  However, I also saw how businesses were trying to reach out to more people to sell their own services and gain notoriety.  That’s when I realized that there were huge opportunities in helping others reach those customers.

I started looking at how social media worked and, one night, I bumped into  They were what I was looking for. When I read what they had to offer, I instantly knew that selling social media services would allow me to help others attract followers, get more views and gather more likes!

I realized that this was the gold mine I was looking for!  My business was doing well but the financial independence that I truly needed was all within my reach with  Their model was very simple, they offer social media services that I could purchase as a package or individually and I could then resell them to others.  I could offer these services to my customers with the promise that they would get more visibility for their business or their social media accounts! It was that easy!

It was plain and simple.  And, the best part? It was cheap to buy and I could manage to earn whatever I thought was fair because it was an unexplored market to many!  In only a few months I was able to turn my small investment into a five figure monthly income! It was amazing to see money flowing into my account with very little effort and achieving what my customers wanted, to be seen!

Thanks to Followiz SMM Panel I became an Independent Professional

The more I have used, the more I have been able to see how simple their business model is and how I can more easily place social media services in the market.  Now, they even offer a special program for resellers, the Followiz Reseller Program, that one can sign up to and make sales from your own domain. I have seen my sales go through the roof with the customizable panel that I incorporated into my website! has been a game changer for me and for my family!  I went from being an independent consultant with a small business to run and lots of bills to pay, to having a rapidly growing social media services reseller business that gives me all I need and the flexibility to do with my income what is best for my family. helped me achieve more than I ever dreamed!