“Followiz’ SMM Panel has the right mix of technological tools, and a great service offer, to get your reseller business kick-started fast and easy!”

John Paul Garrett Followiz SMM Panel

John Paul Garrett, BS EE, MSc Eng. IT Entrepreneur

I have been in the business of information technology for over 25 years, working in fields as diverse as oil & gas, fast food and telecommunications.  Being in IT gives you access to information that not everybody is acquainted with. You know how a business works, inside and out.

Having familiarity with the field helped me find my way to the Followiz’ SMM Panel, a platform that helps you sell social media services easily and with the right technological tools at the tip of your fingers.

When I was first out in the market trying to promote my small business, I was looking for a no-nonsense way to help me put my face out there for others to see.  I wanted to publicize my business and reach as far and wide as I could. I knew that social media was the way to go, but not having enough presence in my accounts was a nightmare.

Then, I realized that there were more people like me, who were trying to increase their social media presence but didn’t know how to do it.  That is where the Followiz’ SMM Panel came into my life. It helped me see that, through its technological tools and great services, I could also help others improve their social media account numbers!

Finding Followiz’ SMM Panel was like getting a breath of fresh air.  It gave me the tools I needed to kickstart a whole new stage in the life of my business.  With the commercial model that they offer, I was able to take their API, integrate it into my sales funnel and start selling social media marketing services.  

It was that easy!

Also, being in the middle of this discovery, I was able to take my financial independence to a whole new level.  The technological platform allowed me to easily setup the services I wanted to sell and quickly figure out how much money I wanted to make!  Besides great technology to take you along the ride, Followiz’ SMM Panel gives you the freedom to decide how to take full advantage of your investment and more!

Being from an IT background, there were a few things that I found most appealing about Followiz’ platform.  When you look at the services that they offer, you find yourself immersed in a situation where you feel there are only opportunities to win.  It is a win-win platform, where you are able to get the most out of your membership, supported by a greatly designed API which integrates directly into how you want to sell SMM services.

No nonsense whatsoever!

Moreover, they have round-the.clock technical support.  If something is not right with your setup, there is someone available all the time to help you sort out any difficulties you find.  It is that simple.

Followiz’ SMM Panel gives you all the tools you need to start reselling social media marketing services in no time!  They have a straightforward interface, an integrated API to help you choose the services you want to sell, and the flexibility to set the prices that other panels can only dream about giving!  They are the best choice anywhere on the web!

Visit Followiz.com and find out how it can work for you!