“Reselling SMM Services Turned My Life Upside Down and Now I Own a Social Media Business”

Hi! I’m Lucas, a programmer from Los Angeles who used to work in a really good marketing agency. But days passed and I to decided to resell SMM panels.

Here’s my story.



Lucas Patel

As a programmer and tech enthusiast, I used to craft websites for a big agency in LA. I was maintaining their websites and their clients’ as well. I had a good income and an easy work. Nevertheless, I noticed that I could take advantage of the knowledge I won there and take a step up to have my own business.

“Why don’t I start my own agency?” I thought.

Well, I settled a date to quit my work and started to promote my own new-born business. I was full of hope thinking that I could grow higher than my employers. So, as soon as I got three clients which needed a site I quitted my job and started full time in my business.

In the beginning, everything went great! I crafted their sites and they were really happy but then I had a challenge in front of me.

They were happy with my results but wanted more; they needed engagement and traffic from social media! So I used my previous knowledge I had in Social Media thanks to my previous work and decided to accept the challenge.

It was AWFUL! I posted several times on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and there was no single like, nor a single reaction.

NOTHING! I was really desperate. Quickly I decided to look for a real solution online until my clients kicked me off their projects.  That’s when I found Followiz.

I looked for an option to generate engagement for my clients’ social media, easy, fast and even better: a way that was easy to use for programmers, just like me. Reselling SMM services with Followiz was the solution for me.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical at the first moment, so I decided to invest 20$ just for a try. The results were stunning! I went from cero engagement to almost a 50% of engagement and interactions. I couldn’t believe this and my clients were really happy with it.

Then I decided to double my bet and once again, the results were incredible.

The rest is history.

I had my own business, it was successful and I had a secret money-making machine which gave me the results I needed when I wanted, and my clients were really happy.

Anyways, I noticed that once again, I was just an employee of my own clients. That’s when it hit my mind, what if someone else is having the same problem as me when I began?

I was constantly receiving invitations to join the Followiz Reseller Program to grow my business; because I was getting excellent results.

But I thought that it was going great and I didn’t want to put more effort to win more clients and… more work.

I was in a dilemma: did I want to stay stuck or grow professionally? So I decided to resell SMM panels and it was the best decision ever. It gave me the stability and freedom I was looking for.

By just using the reseller SMM panel Followiz provided me, I was able to start reselling. It was really easy to set and use, very intuitive and offering services that are 100% guaranteed. The best: Their 24/7 customer service.

Now my business runs almost by itself and I have more time that I ever had to dedicate to my family and friends.