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1607, 2018

Discover How I Changed My Life Thanks to a SMM Reseller Panel

"Reselling SMM Services Turned My Life Upside Down and Now I Own a Social Media Business" Hi! I'm Lucas, a programmer from Los Angeles who used to work in a really good marketing agency. But days passed and I to decided to resell SMM panels. Here's my story.   Lucas Patel As a programmer and tech enthusiast, I used to craft websites for a big agency in LA. I was maintaining their websites and their clients' as well. I had a good income and an easy work. Nevertheless, I noticed that I could take advantage of the knowledge I [...]

1506, 2018

Followiz’ SMM Panel API was The Right Solution For My Business

“Followiz' SMM Panel has the right mix of technological tools, and a great service offer, to get your reseller business kick-started fast and easy!” John Paul Garrett, BS EE, MSc Eng. IT Entrepreneur I have been in the business of information technology for over 25 years, working in fields as diverse as oil & gas, fast food and telecommunications.  Being in IT gives you access to information that not everybody is acquainted with. You know how a business works, inside and out. Having familiarity with the field helped me find my way to the Followiz' SMM Panel, a [...]

1005, 2018

Find How I Quitted My Job and Became Successful with a SMM Panel

In this Guest Blog, Mike Sullivan, Independent Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta show us how he quitted his 9-to-5 to follow his dream as an independent consultant to sell social media services!  "I am living the dream!", he says. Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to make a twist in my life.  I was withering in a dead-end job and realized that it was the right time to change what I was doing.  I sat down at home one night to contemplate what I would do and I was overwhelmed when I thought about quitting my job, being left without income [...]

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